Inge Wirth

As the founder of Hirschquelle, I am the contact person for management and breeding. I am also very active in the training of our horses and am passionate about riding.



Bernhard Wirth

I am the contact person for all technical activities at the breeding farm. I love the daily contact with the horses and see it as a wonderful balance to my job.

Magdalena Wirth.png

Magdalena Wirth

Besides my job I spend a lot of time in the saddle. I also dedicate myself to the media appearance of the breeding farm, take photos, videos and maintain the social media.


Rafael Wirth

In addition to my rather passive role as a consultant at the farm, I take care of the horses and the green spaces.


We founded our small breeding farm "Icelandic horses from the Hirschquelle" in 2011. Riding and breeding, horse keeping as well as the care and organisation of the farm are our hobby, in which we invest time and energy, but which also offers relaxation and balance. So everyone can find an area that suits him and you can complement each other without having to be there all the time.