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We breed and train Icelandic horses for riders who would like to get ahead with their horse and who are willing to improve themselves.

"The horse is the best judge of a good rider, not the spectator. If the horse has a high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided, if not, he will resist."

(Nuno Oliveira) 


Watch grazing horses and let your soul dangle or clear your head for new ideas while riding through woods and fields. Whether in leisure or sport: four-gait, five-gait or pace. Tact and speed bring a breath of fresh air into your mind and make you want more.


Every horse deserves to be treated with respect by man. Thus a partnership can develop for a long time and become a deep friendship.

With this principle we like to put our horses in good hands.

"It´s the horse witch goes to the man,

not the man who goes to the horse"

(Manuel Jorge de Oliveira)



... is located in Bavaria, approx. 20 km west of Nuremberg in romantic Franconia. The farm has been family-owned for generations and has always been used for agriculture.

 We have been redesigning it for Icelandic horses for some time now and have added an open stable,  a paddock, an oval track, a dressage rectangle and a lunging circle. A large riding hall is also available.

 We have consciously decided on a small breeding farm and use the approx. 10 ha large farm as a private stable.

  This allows the horses to develop all year round on the paddocks and meadows directly next to to the farm.

We are happy to welcome guests at trainings, courses or simply to get to know and enjoy.

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